Torvil NPCs


She’s the extremely competent branch manager of the Torvil O.F.E. She’s been managing in Torvil since a bit after the town’s creation, although she doesn’t leave the office much.


Boff does much of the manual labor for the OFE, although his primary talent lays in appraising gems and other items. He’s friendly, but he tends to snatch things out of peoples’ hands so he can take a closer look at them.

Fesh Karn

Fesh Karn is the effective mayor/governor of Torvil. He has authority granted to him by the city of Baldur’s Gate, and is tasked with making sure the town stays profitable.

Plip Finkle

Plip Finkle is the eccentric gnome who runs the town’s General Store and Inn, The River Crossing Inn. He’s well known for his raucous parties that he likes to throw at any possible excuse.

Tulip Goodsmith

Tulip is the closest thing that the young town has to a resident sage. While she is young, she is well versed in the Witchy arts, and has a broad variety of knowledge of plants and minor magical phenomena. Her hangover cure is very popular amongst the Inn regulars.

Torvil NPCs

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